Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Big Huge Congratulations To Our Maureen!

Hi Friends!

I am so excited for our dear friend Maureen. Can you imagine how her heart must be racing with all of her beautiful designs making it to fabric? Look at this luscious pile of goodness:

Photo by Maureen Cracknell

This is Maureen's fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics called "Wild & Free". If you all don't know Maureen you really need to get to know her. She is an amazing designer and illustrator. It still amazes me that she is a relatively new quilter. I put up a pre-order for her fabrics on the website. The fabric is due to arrive in November. I had a few people email to ask if I would do a pre-order so now it is official. For everyone that pre-orders there will be a special gift that Maureen and I have cooked up for you, some exclusive to The Intrepid Thread illustrated postcards. I might just frame the postcards... who wouldn't want a little bit of lovely art from this amazing lady?!?


Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Monday... Glamming it up!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you had an awesome weekend... I was a tad busy to say the least. I got to work on, and almost finish, this awesome quilt:


Oh but let me start at the beginning.... Thursday at lunch time I picked up this awesome lady:


Yes, that is Latifah Saafir, The Quilt Engineer. This is the Mole Hills Quilt which she is releasing as a pattern in the next week or so. Latifah came and spoke to The Silicon Valley Modern Quilt Guild on Thursday night at the shop. She showed all kinds of awesome quilts. Here are a couple more:



Here is another version of the Mole Hills Quilt out of Cotton + Steel. Quilts with cute shoes :) A good time was had by all at the meeting and we didn't get home until late! Then I got up at a quarter to 5 on Friday and went to take this class:

In the South Bay. Normally I do not do my best work in class because it is a little overwhelming for me to be in a big group of people when I am trying to be creative so I am super proud of myself that I got all but 2 rows of my Glam Clam finished. I am hoping to have the it finished by the weekend.

By @jennaquilts  Started in class Saturday. Quilted and bound by lunch on Sunday... Yep, she's amazing!
Then Saturday we had the Huckleberry Quilt Class at the shop. I have pictures but they are still on my camera. So here is a picture of my friend Jennifer's Quilt all done.Yes, quilted and bound too... she started it Saturday in class and it was done by Sunday lunch time.

Then we rushed Latifah to the Airport... then I was supposed to go to a concert Saturday night. That didn't happen. I got home and promptly fell asleep. Oh well.... Then yesterday we had church friends over for dinner. So I need to go to work to get a break...

Today I am photographing the new collection that came in while I was out on Friday. Cleta by Art Gallery... I am totally in love with this print in person:

Who doesn't love bicycle trees?

Talk soon :)


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two of my new favorite blogs...

Hi Everyone,

So as I remembered my blogiversary late ... I started remembering when I first started reading blogs. How did I find new blogs to read? I couldn't remember how I ended up with over 200 blogs in my feed. I think it all started when I wanted to make a bag and I found U-Handblog. Who else follows Lisa? Then I started going through her list of must follow blogs and started following them. Then I started following theirs and so on. Anyway... by chance through the main page on Bloglovin' I found these two new blogs that I LOVE!

First off Cashmerette! She is a curvy girl that makes the most gorgeous garments for herself. She has tons of tips for fitting and her pictures rock! Through her I found a bunch more garment making bloggers and the Universe has expanded for me again. Check out this adorable shirtdress she made with Rashida's Tangrams print:

Then there is Jones Design Company. I love her simple elegant style and her house is what I want my house to look like someday when I get to pick my own house :) She is a graphic designer and has some super fun little tutorials to check out. I love getting her email updates because they get me energized to create.I emailed her for permission to use a photo but I haven't heard back so I will not use a photo. You will just have to go over and check her out. Also she is having a giveaway which I didn't know about until after I started writing this blog post. So go enter.

Speaking of Cotton + Steel Have you seen the sneak peeks of the new Cotton + Steel? I think I am gonna die! So stinkin' gorgeous! I ordered them a few months ago already...

The new Canvases:

The new Lawns:

We just got some pre-cuts of the C+S basics, Charms and 2 1/2 inch Roll ups, I will have them listed in the C+S basics section later today.

Have a super Tuesday! I am getting my toes did! Can't wait for my first pedicure in about 20 years... seriously.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Monday!

Hi Everyone,

I did a little crafting yesterday. I have been wanting to get to the book store and buy myself a cute journal for a couple weeks and just haven't had time to do it. Then I got to thinking yesterday... why not just make one. I had all the supplies I needed. A hard back book I bought at the Half Price Books store for a $1 (bought it because I liked the font so I cut words out of it to use in my jewelry and collage art), jewelry making supplies, antique buttons, watercolor paper... etc.

I started out like this:

Crafting today. Transforming this $1 book from Half Price Books into my new Journal

And ended with this:


It was a brand new perfect book so I had to distress it by using sand paper on it. I think it came out pretty. I have some watercolor paper that I am journaling on then I will apply it to two thicknesses of the book pages. It will be part regular journal and part art journal. I am going to tie  bits of yarns that I am working with in it as a journal of my knitting projects and bits and pieces of fabrics from my clothes and quilts that I am sewing.

That was super fun! Silly thing took me all afternoon.

The new blouse I am working on is going to be this Rayon by AMH I adore it... the color is so vibrant IRL.

Did you see the Newsletter? I sent it out a couple days ago. You can find it here: The Intrepid Thread Newsletter

Tomorrow I am going to share with you a new blog that I found that really inspires me.

Have a great Monday!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Locals: Come Take a class with Latifah Saafir

If you are local come take a class with Latifah Saafir one of the co-founder's of the Modern Quilt Guild. She will be here September 13th (Saturday) to teach the Huckleberry Quilt. Email me through the contact page on the website if you would like to join us it is a full day class and the cost is $65.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Tuesday... I sewed

Hi Everyone,

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives... let's make it great one!

We are sad here at the Intrepid family that we lost one of our own to maternity (indefinite) leave... could be 5 yrs ... but we will miss her. Colleen is the one that kept us all in line, now the monkeys are going to play way too much. But, just like the monkeys, I digress... here is the little Divided Basket I made for her going away.

New Divided Basket ... I used soft and stable to make it stand up really well @noodlehead531

A little Far Far Away (she is having a boy), some Emma's Garden and a little Cori Dantini from my stash. I also put in some Soft and Stable to make it really stand up.

Speaking of Cori Dantini... This is a terrible picture but I made this cute quilt as a sample for the shop too... Cori Dantini's Merry Stitches. It is a true quilt in a day and we have kits available. It took me 6 hrs total including cutting to make the top.

As I said terrible picture... at night oh well you get the idea... here is a better picture from the pattern:

Cute right? Anyway... I am also making a patchwork back... and I might like it better than the front... so far it just has leftovers from the fabrics I cut from the front.

It is funny how traditional these look... I don't really think of it as a traditional collection but I guess it has a folk art feel to it. Still love those cute birds and Santa.

What's been happinin' in you neck of the woods?

Thursday, August 21, 2014